Fashion DAO

Fashion is traditionally top-down & centralized. Can we democratize fashion?

Fashion DAO is a DAO for crowdsourcing fashion ideas and voting on which styles to manufacture.

How it works

Creators upload fashion ideasUsers vote on their favorite fashion trends with $FSH tokensWinning designs are shipped to usersYes! You get a token AND a physical fashion piece

Join our Beta Community

We're launching with our first creator who wants community input for designing their first web 3.0 inspired sweatshirt. Join our waitlist to be the first to know of our launch!

Fashion DAO

🧬 Diverse Data

Medical AI Data is biased

The data we use to create important Medical Artificial Intelligence tools is biased.

Join the OpenSource movement to change that narrative.

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👯 One New Friend A Week

Welcome to One New Friend a Week by Ayushi Sinha & Liz Petrov.

We are starting One New Friend A Week: a project focused on learning about new ideas in varying fields and making one new friend a week in the process.

Every week, we will share our learnings from our interviews … 10 Questions Style!